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To Access the Zamorak Boss

Bosses Teleport - Godwars - Zamorak.

The Zamorak Boss Includes 3 minions and the Actual Boss.

The First Minion is Tsanon Karlak Level 145.

The Second Minion is Balfrug Kreeyath Level 151.

The Third Minion is Zakln' Gritch Level 142.

The Boss is named K'ril Tsutsaroth Level 650.

It is Recommended to Use Meele if you GET close to The actual Boss.

Recommended Gear.

The Recommended Gear Setup is as Shows, Range is proven to be the best method in killing this boss. This is all welfare gear affordable and cheap.


The Recommended prayer is 44, Meele, Ranged, Mage.

Meele is sometimes used. Ranged and Mage are Mostly Used.

Drink a dose of brew before entering, then a dose of super restore, then a dose of ranging potion. pray mage  upon entering, but K'ril Tsutsaroth uses both melee and mage attacks.

As for his minions, Balfrug Kreeyath, level 151, deals magic damage. Tatanon Karlak, level 145, deals  melee damage. Zakl'n Gritch, level 142, deals range damage.

Safespot by doors

If you stand infront of the entry door, the minions shall not attack you. However the boss still deals damage.

Thanks to "Hi Its Janae" for helping me complete this guide.