Tormented Demons


Tormented Demons are excellent for their drops but difficult to kill, as they have Protection Prayer's Against Melee, Magic, and Ranged. Therefore you need to bring Hybrid gear in order to have the best efficiency (Ranged+Melee hybrid setup works well), and when they protect from Melee, switch to Ranged, when they protect from Ranged, switch to Melee. Tormented demons do use ranged and magic attacks but to my experience have only happened when using melee against it, also the they're unpredictable when it comes to using magic/ranged attacks, just keep praying against melee attacks, otherwise you're screwed. Prayer potions + Super Restore and Saradomin brews recommended.


Ashes - 100% Drop Rate

Dragon Claws - 0.25% Drop Rate. (Confirmed)

Dragon Arrow x 15 - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Dragon Bolts (e) - Drop Rate Unknown. (Currently unconfirmed)

Dragonstone Noted, Up to 10 at once. - 4.166% Drop Rate. (Confirmed)

Saradomin Brews (4) x 25 (Noted) - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Super Strength (4) x 25 (Noted) - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Rune Essence x 5000 (Noted) - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Blood Runes x 150 - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Nature Runes x 100 - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Clue Scroll (Hard) - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Coins - Drop Rate Unknown (Confirmed)

Misc Rune items, (Kite-shield and plate-body confirmed)

Misc Seeds,

and more.

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