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Welcome to the SoulPlay Wiki. We have full Skilling Guides, a Data Base that includes NPCs, Items, Clue Scrolls, Price Guide, SoulPlay For Beginners , Money Making, Voting, and Ironman Mode. There are a variety of minigames such as Barrows, Pest Control, FunPk, and the Duel Arena. We have a Bosses section which includes Godwars Dungeon, King Black Dragon, Barrelchest Boss, and Corp Beast.

To start playing SoulPlay Now, Click HERE.

SoulPlay is NOT owned by the previous SoulSplit 2 owners. It is a new server started on 7/12/15 with top of the line developers and administrators. Since the opening of Soulsplit 3, we've had tremendous support and have grown a fan base of more than 300+ players online daily. This server is Founded by Aleksandr and is under development by Aleksandr and Julius, who are working around the clock on adding new content and patching lots of bugs/exploits. Michael is the co-founder who set everything up as far as the website, voting, donating, and all of the Website Development.

The SoulSplit Knowledge Base has crucial information for playing SoulPlay. Which can be found HERE


Lotica is coming to the SoulPlay platform. We're currently swamped with work to do, but a beta is coming out shortly! I don't have the actual alotic base, but I've been working on something which runs just the same.

This is the content I have so far:

  1. Nightmare Zone
  2. Clan Wars
  3. Tons of bosses
  4. Wilderness Points System
    1. Wilderness events globally ran on an hourly basis
  5. Grand Exchange
  6. Quests
  7. Achievemements
  8. Smooth combat
    1. NHing is perfected with correct pathfinding.
    2. Perfect switching (I'm a hybrid pker myself so I can say this with accuracy)
    3. Correct combat accuracy formulas (tons of testing gone behind this)
  9. Bug-free skilling.

Photos will be released once the big update I'm working on is done (more information about this coming later).

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