SoulPlay For Beginners


Welcome to SoulPlay. This page will be dedicated to new players about getting to know your way around the server and how it works. When you create your account I recommend following the mini guide around SoulPlay.

Refer to: Edgeville General Store for all starter items.

Utilize the function "::commands"

Teleport tab: "MAGE BOOK"

You will find several teleports including Home Teleport, Training Teleport, Minigame Teleport, Boss Teleport, PKing Teleport, Skilling Teleport, City Teleport, and Dungeon Teleport.

Training Combat: MELEE / RANGE / MAGIC

You should first visit the shops at the Edgeville General Store. You can buy all starting equipment, potions, teleports, runes, and everything you would need to start your SoulPlay journey.

Start out killing Rock Crabs, Yaks, Experiments, up to Abyssal Demon's.



Now you will notice that you don't have a lot of gold to start out with. Go to Edgeville, North of the bank on the wall you will find thieving stalls, they give XP and Fast Gold for starters. (Up to 18,000 Coins per click.) You are allowed to autoclick as long as you don't AFK. Don't AFK it won't work, the thieving guard shows up every once in a while to attack you, and if you're auto clicking and aren't paying attention you will die and lose your gold.

You can also make fast cash VIA Voting by receiving Vote Ticket's

We also have a Money Making Guide on the Wiki.


Now that you know the basics, let's get a little more in-depth about SoulPlay. When you create a SoulPlay account you will be automatically placed in the help clan chat. Pretty much every player is in the chat. If you have any questions, want to buy items, sell items, or need help in any way all you have to type is / before your sentence.

We have ingame helpers called "Informers" which duties are to help you in any way possible. Feel free to add them to your friends list, currently there are six: "N1troll", "Melysea",  "Nathan", "Pharaaaoh", "Lucifer", and "Hi its Janae". These players are not moderators but do have the ability to mute you for up to an hour if you join just to spam other servers names, we can also kick you from the clan chat.

In-game helper - "INFORMERS"

What exactly is an Informer?

A informer is a ingame helper that helps with useful information and advice about SoulPlay. They will know just about anything you might ask them , If you wanted to know a price value on a certain item and you cant get a exact value from "help cc" then you can pm one of the listed informers. If you wanted to know whats against the rules and not , then you would want to pm them. There is a knowledge base about rules and much more on the listed sites below.

For guides on skilling, combat, money making, and more. Please visit the forums at for guides.

The last thing you need to know is all of the information about the game is on the forums, in the Knowledge Base.

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