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Soulsplit 3 Official Price Guide.

Thank-you for visiting this guide. I will be laying out every single item in this guide and advising you on the subjective sales price of that item. If an item is not on this list, it can be purchased from a shop or is untradeable. The prices in this guide are subject to change, I will try my very best to update this, but I have limited time myself, so feel free to comment any changes or pm me in game [@Zombieclan]

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Melee Weapons Price Drop Location
Granite Maul 250k Gargoyles
Toktz-xil-ak 1m - 1.2m TzHaar-Xil
Tzhaar-ket-em 1m TzHaar-Xil
Toktz-xil-ek 1.5 - 2m TzHaar-Xil
Dragon 2h Sword 5m - 10m Chaos Elemental
Dragon Battleaxe 3m - 4m Crystal Chest
Dragon Spear 3m - 4m Mithril dragons
Dragon Claws 170m - 230m Revenant dragons/Tormented demons
Abyssal Whip 5m - 6m Abyssal demons/bought from slayer store
Vine Whip 15m - 20m Mutated Jadinko
Barrelchest Anchor 20m - 25m Barrelchest
Vesta's longsword [Non deg] 35m - 40m Pking or dropped by revs
Corrupt Vesta's longsword [Non deg] 100m - 180m Pking or dropped by revs
Vesta's spear [Non deg] 10m - 15m Pking or dropped by revs
Statius' warhammer [Non deg] 30m - 45m Pking or dropped by revs
Corrupt Statius' warhammer [Non deg] 30m - 45m Pking or dropped by revs
Zamorakian Spear 20-30m Zamorak Godwars
Saradomin Sword 20-30m Saradomin boss
Zamorak Godsword 50m - 60m Hilt is dropped by Zamorak boss
Bandos Godsword 40m - 50m Hilt is dropped by Bandos boss
Saradomin Godsword 150-200m Hilt is dropped by Saradomin boss
Armadyl Godsword 400m - 500m Hilt is dropped by Armadyl boss
Korasi's sword 375m - 400m Avatar of destruction


Ranged Weapons Price Drop Location
Toktz-xil-ul 500k ea TzHaar-Xil
Dark bow 6m - 7m Dark Beasts or bought from slayer shop
Crystal bow 2m - 5m Crystal Chest
Dwarf Handcannon 60m-70m Dwarf Handcannoners
Morrigan's throwing axe 100k - 200k ea Pking or dropped by tormented demons/revs
Zaryte Bow 350m - 400m Voting or Donating

Ranged Ammunition

Ranged ammunition Price Drop Location
Bolt Racks 5k - 10k ea Barrows Minigame
Cannonball 10k - 20k ea Forged with steel bars
Handcannon Shot 15k ea Dwarf Handcannoners
Emerald Bolts (e) 250-500gp ea Made from emeralds and adamant bolts
Ruby Bolts (e) 5k ea Made from rubies and adamant bolts
Diamond Bolts (e) 1k ea Made from diamonds and adamant bolts
Dragon Bolts (e) 60k - 80k ea Made from dragonstone and runite bolts
Onyx Bolts (e) 100k ea Made from onyx and runite bolts
Dragon Arrows 15-20k ea Dropped by revs and tormented demons

Magic Weapons

Magic Weapons Price Drop Location
Battlestaffs ???? ????
Staff of Light 30-45m Ice Strykewyrm
Zuriel's Staff 20-25m Pking / Wilderness Revenants
Ancient Staff 115k Infernal Mage

Melee Armor (By set)

Melee Armor (by set) Price Drop Location
Rock-Shell 25k - 40k ea Barrelchest
Black (t) 2m - 5m ea Crystal Chest
Black (g) 2m - 5m ea Crystal Chest
Adamant (t) 2m - 5m ea Crystal Chest
Adamant (g) 2m - 5m ea Crystal Chest
Rune (t) 5m - 10m ea Crystal Chest
Rune (g) 5m - 10m ea Crystal Chest
Dragon Platelegs 2m ea Bronze Dragons+ and Revs
Dragon Chain 6m ea Dust Devils
Dragon Plate 10m ea Wilderness Revenants
Dragon Full helm 15m ea Mithril Dragons
Dragon Boots 3m - 5m ea Many Sources
Torag Pieces 5m ea Barrows minigame
Guthan Pieces 5m ea Barrows minigame
Verac Pieces 5m ea Barrows minigame
Dharok 10m - 12m ea Barrows minigame
Vesta 40m - 60m ea Pking / Wilderness Revenants
Statius 30m - 40m ea Pking / Wilderness Revenants
Bandos 200m - 220m ea Bandos boss
Steadfast Boots 130m - 150m ea Glacors
Torva 900m - 1.2b ea Voting or donating

Ranged Armour (Each item per set)

Ranged Armour (By set) Price Drop Location
Black d'hide 400-500k ea Black Dragons (Craft into armour)
Karil's 5m ea Barrows Minigame / Donating
Morrigan's 20-35m ea Pking / Wilderness Revenants
Glaiven Boots 40-60m Glacor
Armadyl 100-120m ea Armadyl Boss
Pernix 900-1.2b ea Voting / Donating

Magic Armour (Each item per set)

Magic Armour (By set) Price Drop Location
Blue wizard robes (t) 5-10m ea Crystal Chest
Blue wizard robes (g) (TOP) 5-10m (LEGS) 1-2b Crystal Chest
Ahrims armour set 5m - 10m ea Barrows minigame / Donating
Ragefire boots 30-45m ea Glacor
Zuriel's 20-30m ea Pking / Wilderness Revenants
Virtus 700m-1b ea Voting / Donating


Shields Price Drop Location
Dragon square 3-4m Revenant Dragon
Dragonfire Shield (DFS) 13-18m Forged from Draconic Visage (any dragon will drop)
Spirit Shield 1-5m Corporeal Beast
Blessed Spirit Shield 10-25m Corporeal Beast
Specteral Spirit Shield 150-170m Corporeal Beast
Arcane Spirit Shield 250-300m Corporeal Beast
Divine Spirit Shield 400-500m Corporeal Beast
Elysian Spirit Shield 550-650m Corporeal Beast
Malediction Ward 500m-1b Scorpia
Odium Ward 500m-1b Scorpia

UPDATED: 1/18/2016 5:20 UTC‚Äč

Thanks to Experience S, Kyle Rogers, Q7A and Nathan for prices.

Soon to add! Jewellery, loots, potions and much more as well as clarifying the price of those unmarked.

Donator Tiers Move up as you donator more. You can either buy donator with in-game SS3 gp or Cash. The prices are listed Below.

Donator Tiers

Lowest Highest Cash
Regular Donator 350m 400m $10
Super Donator 1.5b 1.75b $50
Extreme Donator 2b 2.3b $250
Legendary Donator 3b 3.5b $1000
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