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The pest control mini game is a very fun and easy one. It is also i safe mini game you do not lose items on death , there are great rewards for completing games and saving your points for the items in the void knight shop. In order to be able to start this mini game there must be 5 or more players in the boat. It dose not matter what your combat level nor what items your bring.

The Objective :

The object of this mini game is very simple. In order you to win you must destroy all 4 portals and protect the void knight while doing this. These portals have a hit points level of 800, and every portal that is destroyed will heal the void knights hp some.

There is a time limit in which you have to do these things, if the timer runs out then you have lost the game and wont receive any points for that game. The points that you may receive vary on how much damage you inflict during the game, you can get anywhere up to 5 - 12 points per game.

Void Knight Shop > Rewards


Here you will see the Reward shop by talking to the void knight outside the boat. The void knight robes increase your attack % and damage % when wearing them.

NOTE : you must have the Complete set of void knight robes in order for this to work.

*Full void knight robes currently cost 300 Pest Points. There is also Different types of items here.

*The WHITE, BLUE, RED, BROWN, Infinity robes are nice items to have. They all cost 50 Pest points per item.

*The omega Eggs cost the most up to 2,000 Pest Points and these you can open to receive colored whips.


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