SoulPlay Wikia

This page contains a list of all the NPC's each with their own page. This provides as a index to click on what NPC you would like to know of their location, drops, and more info on the monster, etc.

*Note: before clicking on your choice of NPC: Every monster has the potential to drop key halfs (up to 30) at a time randomly, as well as coins.

You should ALWAYS use a Ring of Wealth when fighting monsters to ensure a greater drop rate.

Frost Dragons

Rock Crabs



Abyssal Demon


Kalphite Soldier

Kalphite Queen

Mithril Dragon

Steel Dragon

Iron Dragon

Black Dragon

Green Dragon

King Black Dragon


Tormented Demons

Corporeal Beast

Dagganoth Kings


Wild Dog

Moss Giant

Hill Giant

Fire Giant

Dark Beast

Blue Dragon

Ice Giant

Ice Warrior

Guthan The Infested

Karil The Tainted

Torag The Corrupted

Ahrim The Blighted

Verac The Defiled

Dharok The Wretched

Mutated Jadinko Male



Aberrant Spectre

Infernal Mage


Crawling Hand