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The Kalphite Queen is a level 333 "Boss" though at level 138 she is not hard to kill, take your combat level into consideration when deciding to kill her. She uses Protect From Ranged attacks, as well as Magic attacks. At this current moment there is a glitch that shows you don't do damage to her when fighting (even when you actually do damage) it appears you have not even made a dent in her HP, but it's just a graphical bug. You can access the Kalphite Queen VIA Dungeon Teleport - Kalphite Lair > Go all the way to the end and climb down rope. 'She is know to drop the infamous Dragon Platebody.'


Dragon Platebody - 0.78% Chance.

Dragon Chainbody - 0.78% Chance.

Dragon 2H Sword - 0.78% Chance.

She also drops charms but I was unable to find the percentile.