Ironman Mode

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About the IronMan

Iron Man, You are unable to trade players and use (most) shops. This requires you to be entirely self sufficient, this ranges from making your own potions to mining/smithing your own weapons and armor, and everything in between. IronMan Mode experience rates are significantly less than normal accounts on SoulPlay, coming in at a measly 3x exp compared to real Runescape.

It is recommended you do slayer as early as possible to obtain crucial items that will help you train faster. (Fighter's Torso, BGloves, D Boots, Bonecrusher, etc) So once you feel comfortable with your stats, get right in it. Task too hard? You have unlimited slayer task skips without penalty so go for something easy.​

Woodcutting and Mining - Stores have Bronze/Iron, Mithril, and Rune tools, nothing in between.
Fishing and cooking - Stores offer the tools you will need to fish your own food.

Crafting - As of now crafting needs changed. Its pretty hard to level it efficiently. Best way to level this is to kill scorpions for uncut sapphires which drop 50% of the time.

For everything else, please see the appropriate guides in the skilling section.​

Multicombat.png Training Melee

Upon creating your IronMan account you will have 1 hour of double exp. Use your slayer gem and go to a slayer master and open shop, buying a slayer staff or leaf spear, if not both. Spear is shared exp while staff is not.
Teleports > Training > Yaks/experiments

​Use the double exp to your advantage upon account creation and get some quick levels making sure to use your newly acquired slayer weapon which will carry you over until 40 attack. You can train here until you feel well equipped to do slayer, or simply just grind here as long as you want. Your choice.
​Your goal, if melee, is to get 40 attack and an appropriate strength level for equipping a rune scimitar, then dragon scimitar, then whip. It's also highly suggested to get 43 dungeoneering at this level you will have enough tokens to buy the imp which automatically adds charms from monsters to your inventory.

Revenant imp-18141054.png
Obtaining a Rune Scimitar and Rune Armor

Teleports > Dungeons > Revenant Dungeon (3rd page)

Here you will be killing revenant imps and if you can, goblins as well. As always, be careful of pkers. Revenant's Have 50% chance to drop rune amour as well which is so handy and useful saves you from making it yourself.

Obtaining a Dragon Scimitar ​The fastest and most efficient way (requiring 37 prayer) is Revenant Knight's and Revenant Dark Beasts. If you want to go the long route or that option isn't available, you can kill a variety of monsters for an 11% drop chance. Also Green Dragons and Blue Dragons have 11% chance to drop scimitars would  recommended them as well. You can always ::checkdrops-npc name to see what monster drops what.

Obtaining an Abyssal Whip

Abyssal demon.png
IronMan route by killing Abyssal Demons, or buy it straight from the slayer shop for task points. Either way, easy. Abyssal Demons are good training Experience with Bonecrusher and 43 pray for protect from meele. They probably best way to afk train and have high drop chance of crimson charms. Level 85 slayer is required.

Obtaining Defenders

Teleports > Minigames > Warrior's Guild

You need tokens to gain access to the cyclops on the top floor which drop the defenders. You can either smith your own low level tier gear to use and reanimate or use rune that you will have obtained from revenant imps/goblins. Keep in mind, the rune monster that you summon can hit 20 so pray is recommended. Donators Can buy dragon defenders Aswell, this would be good method to train also.

Ranged big-13011024.png
Training Ranging

​I can't speak for the most efficient way to do this as currently knives are glitched so they don't get picked up by ava's accumulator, so we're left with going with the old shortbow.
This is where you will be forced to raise a few skills. Woodcutting and Fletching for making bows/c'bows, mining and smithing for making arrows/bolts (with the help of fletching, of course). Magic shortbows have a 4.1% chance to drop from gwd minions.
Rune c'bow is the easier of the two to obtain via pvm from the avatar of ranging @ 11%.
That being said, grind out 61 and get yourself a c'bow from the avatar!

Wizard robes (blue) equipped.png
Training Magic

​Off the bat, magic is fairly easy. Being sure to use staves to your advantage and save runes, do ::whatdrops staff of (rune name here), until you get a decent staff and enough runes to not care about saving and being frugal.
Magic will force you to level runecrafting, which is the fastest way by far to obtain runes. The other way being doing barrows, which isn't as fast, but has its own rewards.
Fairly straight forward. Use basic spells until 21 (try yaks or experiments) and go the low alch road if you choose, the exp definitely isn't something to argue about assuming you have the runes. At 55 you can high alch which is by far the easiest way to level the skill, otherwise you can go about PvMing using magic and passively level it.

Training Prayer

​As always, you should be burying if not saving every bone you get as a drop (then later using on an altar for 2x exp).
You can obtain a bone crusher once your slayer gear is bought (prioritize your gloves and torso first) and you can then use the bone crusher for regular and big bones. I recommend using everything else on an altar.
Handy tip Kill Blue dragons and collect bones. Of course remember your anti-fire shield, bought from the edgeville general store.
^ ^ ^ ^ Teleports > Dungeons > Taverly Dungeon ^ ^ ^ ^

Everything else is pretty basic. 43 Prayer should be a goal from the start, Hill giant slayer tasks are good for big bones if dragons are too tough.

General Skilling


Potion Chart
Clean torstol detail.png
Herblore Level Herblore Experience Herb & 2nd Ingredient Effect
Attack 3 50 Guam Leaf &
Eye of Newt
10-15% added to Attack
Anti-Poison 5 75 Marrentill & Ground Unicorn Horn Cures Poison
Strength 12 10 Tarromin & Limpwurt Root 10-15% added to Strength
Stat Restore 22 125 Harralander &
Red Spider's Eggs
Restores lowered stats to base level, excluding hits & Prayer.
Energy 26 135 Harralander & Chocolate Dust Restores 10% Energy
Defence 30 150 Ranarr Weed & White Berries 10-15% added to Defence
Agility 34 160 Toadflax &
Toad Legs
3 levels added to Agility
Combat 36 168 Harralander & Ground Goat's Horn 3-12 levels added to Strength and Attack.
Prayer 38 175 Ranarr Weed & Snape Grass Restores 70-310 Prayer Points.
Crafting 42 190 Clean Wergali & Frog Spawn Boosts Crafting by 3.
Super Attack 45 200 Irit Leaf &
Eye of Newt
20% added to Attack
Super Anti-Poison 48 215 Irit Leaf &
Ground Unicorn Horn
Cure poison & adds a temporary resistance to poison.
Fishing 50 245 Avantoe &
Snape Grass
Adds 3 levels to Fishing
Super Energy 52 236 Avantoe &
Mort Myre Fungi
Restores 20% Energy
Hunter Potion 53 240 Avantoe & Kebbit Teeth Dust +3 to Hunter
Super Strength 55 250 Kwuarm & Limpwurt Root 20% added to Strength
Weapon Poison 60 275 Kwuarm &
Ground Blue Dragon Scale
Poisons 5 Arrows, 1 Dagger or 1 Spear.
Super Restore 63 284 Snapdragon &
Red Spider Eggs
Restores all lowered stats to base level and 40% prayer.
Super Defence 66 300 Cadantine &
White Berries
20% added to Defence
Extra-Strong AntiPoison 68 310 Toadflax, Coconut Milk & Yew Roots Cures poison and provides a longer immunity to it.
Anti-FireBreath 69 318 Lantadyme & Ground Blue Dragon Scale Temporary resistance to Dragon's Firebreath
Ranging 72 330 Dwarf Weed & Wine of Zamorak 15% added to Ranged
Extra-Strong Weapon Poison 73 340 Cactus Spine, Red Spider Eggs & Coconut Milk Use with an arrows, dagger or spear to poison it.
Magic 76 345 Lantadyme & Potato Cactus Adds 4 levels to Magic
Zamorak 78 350 Torstol & Jangerberries Lowers hits & Defence by 10%; increases Strength by 10% and Attack by 20%.
Super-Strong Anti-Poison 79 360 Irit Leaf, Magic Tree Roots & Coconut Milk Cures poison and provides a very long immunity to it.
Saradomin's Brew 81 360 Toadflax & Crushed Birdnest Increases Defence by 20%, and Life Points by 15%; lowers your Strength, Magic & Ranged by 10%.
Super-Strong Weapon Poison 82 373 Nightshade, Poison Ivy Berries & Coconut Milk Use with arrows, dagger or spear to poison it.
Recover Special Potion 84 400 Super Energy Potion & Papaya Restores 25% of your special attack bar when drunk.
Super Antifire Potion 85 420 Anti-firebreath Potion & Phoenix Feather Fully protects you from dragon fire for 6 minutes when drunk.
Extreme Attack Potion 88 440 Super Attack Potion & Avantoe Increases your Attack by 5-26 levels when drunk.
Extreme Strength Potion 89 460 Super Strength Potion & Dwarf Weed Increases your Strenght by 5-26 levels when drunk.
Extreme Defence Potion 90 480 Super Defence Potion & Lantadyme Increases your Defence by 5-26 levels when drunk.
Extreme Magic Potion 91 500 Magic Potion & Ground Mud Runes Makes all offensive spells 40% more powerful when drunk.
Extreme Ranging Potion 92 520 Ranging Potion & 5 Grenwall Spikes Increases your Ranging by 4-23 levels when drunk.
Super Prayer Potion 94 540 Prayer Potion & Wyvern Bonemeal -
Overload Potion 96 2,000 Extreme Attack, Extreme Strength, Extreme Defence, Extreme Magic, Extreme Ranging & Torstol Increases your Attack , Strenght And Defence by 5-26 levels, Ranging by 4-23 and makes all offensive spells 40% more powerful when drunk for five minutes. This will also hit you for 500 Life Points over a period of 5 seconds. When the effect wears off, 500 Life Points will be restored and effected stats will return to normal.
Prayer Renewal 94


Fellstalk and Morchella Mushroom Restores 120-516 Prayer Points over a period of five minutes.

Farming icon-24204409.png
Seed Farming Level Planting Experience Harvesting Experience
Guam 1 22 25
Marrentil 14 27 30
Tarromin 19 34 36
Harralander 26 43 48
Gout Tuber 29 210 90
Ranarr Weed 32 54 61
Spirit Weed 36 64 62
Toadflax 38 68 77
Wergali 42 82 92
Irit Leaf 44 86 97
Avantoe 50 109 123
Kwuarm 56 138 156
Snapdragon 62 175 197
Cadantine 67 213 240
Lantadyme 73 269 303
Dwarf Weed 79 341 384
Torstol 85 399 449



Woodcutting Level Woodcutting Experience Locations & Special Uses
Tree 1 50 Throughout Soulsplit3
Oak 15 75 Throughout Soulsplit3
Willow 30 135

South of the Draynor village Camelot.

Maple 45 200 Camelot
Arctic Pine 54 80 Neitiznot island
Yew 60 350 South of Camelot, Edge
Magic 75 500

South of Camelot, Mage Tower South of Camelot.


Runite ore rock old.png
Mining Level Mining Experience
Clay 1 10
Copper 1 35
Tin 1 35
Iron 15 70
Silver 20 80
Coal 30 100
Gold 40 130
Mithril 55 160
Adamantite 70 190
Runite 85 250

Steel titan.png

Requirements for Making Pouches
Summoning Level Pouch Name Experience for Making Shards Required Charm Required Object(s) Required
1 Spirit wolf 10 7 Gold Wolf bones
8 Dreadfowl 18.6 8 Gold Raw chicken
8 Spirit spider 25.2 8 Gold Spider carcass
13 Thorny snail 25.2 9 Gold Raw thin snail
16 Granite crab 43.2 7 Gold Iron ore
17 Spirit mosquito 93 1 Gold Proboscis
18 Desert wyrm 62.4 45 Green Bucket of sand
19 Spirit Scorpion 166.4 57 Crimson Bronze claws
22 Spirit Tz-Kih 193.6 64 Crimson Obsidian charm
23 Albino rat 404.8 75 Blue Raw rat meat
25 Spirit kalphite 440 51 Blue Potato Cactus
28 Compost Mound 99.6 47 Green Compost
29 Giant chinchompa 510.4 84 Blue Chinchompa
31 Vampire bat 274 81 Crimson Vampire dust
32 Honey Badger 281.60 84 Crimson Honeycomb
33 Beaver 105.2 72 Green Willow Logs
34 Void ravager 118.4 74 Green Ravager charm
34 Void shifter 118.4 74 Blue Shifter charm
34 Void spinner 118.4 74 Blue Spinner charm
34 Void torcher 117.4 74 Blue Torcher charm
36 Bronze minotaur 633.6 102 Blue Bronze bar
40 Bull ant 105.6 11 Gold Marigolds
41 Macaw 144.8 78 Green Guam
42 Evil Turnip 369.6 104 Crimson Carved turnip
43 Spirit Cockatrice 150 88 Green Cockatrice egg
43 Spirit Guthatrice 150 88 Green Guthatrice egg
43 Spirit Saratrice 150 88 Green Saratrice egg
43 Sprit Zamatrice 150 88 Green Zamatrice egg
43 Spirit Pengatrice 150 88 Green Pengatrice egg
43 Spirit Coroxatrice 150 88 Green Coroxatrice egg
43 Spirit Vulatrice 150 88 Green Vulatrice egg
46 Iron Minotaur 809.8 125 Blue Iron bar
46 Pyrelord 405.6 111 Crimson Tinderbox
47 Magpie 166.2 88 Green Gold ring
49 Bloated Leech 430.4 117 Crimson Raw Beef
52 Spirit Terrorbird 136.8 12 Gold Raw bird meat
54 Abyssal Parasite 189.6 106 Green Abyssal charm
55 Spirit Jelly 968 151 Blue Jug of water
56 Ibis 197.6 109 Green Harpoon
56 Steel Minotaur 985.6 141 Blue Steel bar
57 Spirit Graahk 1,003 154 Blue Graahk fur
57 Spirit Kyatt 1,003 153 Blue Kyatt fur
57 Spirit Larupia 1,003 155 Blue Larupia fur
58 Karamthulhu overlord 1,020 144 Blue Empty fishbowl
61 Smoke devil 536 141 Crimson Goat's horn dust
62 Abyssal lurker 272.4 119 Green Abyssal charm
63 Spirit Cobra 553.6 116 Crimson Snake hide
64 Stranger plant 563.2 128 Crimson Bagged plant
66 Barker toad 174 10 Gold Swamp toad
66 Mithril minotaur 1,161 152 Blue Mithril bar
67 War tortoise 117.2 1 Gold Tortoise shell
68 Bunyip 238.4 110 Green Raw shark
69 Fruit bat 242.6 130 Green Banana
70 Ravenous locust 264 79 Crimson Pot of flour
71 Arctic bear 186 14 Gold Polar kebbit fur
73 Obsidian golem 1,284 195 Blue Obsidian charm
74 Granite lobster 651.2 166 Crimson Granite (500g)
75 Praying mantis 659.2 168 Crimson Red flowers
76 Adamant minotaur 1,337 144 Blue Adamantite bar
76 Forge regent 268 141 Green Ruby harvest
77 Talon beast 2,030 174 Crimson Talon beast charm
78 Giant ent 273.6 94 Green Willow branch
79 Fire titan 1,390 198 Blue Fire talisman
79 Ice titan 1,390 198 Blue Air talisman, water talisman
79 Moss titan 1,390 202 Blue Earth talisman
80 Hydra 281.6 128 Green Water orb
83 Spirit dagannoth 729.6 1 Crimson Dagannoth hide
83 Lava titan 1,460 219 Blue Obsidian charm
85 Swamp titan 747.2 150 Crimson Swamp lizard
86 Rune minotaur 1,512 1 Blue Runite bar
88 Unicorn stallion 308.8 140 Green Unicorn horn
89 Geyser titan 1,566 222 Blue Water talisman
92 Wolpertinger 1,618 203 Crimson Raw rabbit, wolf bones
93 Abyssal titan 652.8 113 Green Abyssal charm
95 Iron titan 1,670 198 Crimson Iron platebody
96 Pack yak 844.8 211 Crimson Yak hide
99 Steel titan 870.4 178 Crimson Steel platebody


'''Question 1. Why Play An Iron Man?  '''

More self sufficient and challenging aswell, fact that you can't gamble or stake earn everything on your own is more rewarding.

Question 2.  Can you Trade To or From An Iron man?

no, No Way to die in wildy,drop trade,xfer of or to an iron man point of it.

Question 3. Is Their a Point to Donate on an Iron man?

Yes You are able to buy Fighter torso, firecape, Dragon defender, Barrow gloves And more and Have A Wide Variety Of Skilling spots Aswell.

Question 4. Are you Able to Obtain Tokhaar-kal-xil [Aka Kiln Cape]

Yes, Recommended to have Experience First With The Cave Before Attempting.

Question 5. Can Iron Man Do Mini Games And Events.

Yes They can do all that normal players can do apart from trade

 Current Npc List That you Can Trade.

Please keep in mind these may be Removed over time.

Max the traveller - Tool shop also has mithril pickaxe and mithril hatchet. - Edge
Any general store shopkeeper - anti Dragon Shields Eg.
Thessalia - Clothing store - Edge
Thok, Master of Dungeoneering, Dungeoneering shop - Lumbridge
Xuan - Loyalty store - Title - Varrock
Chuck - Penguins hide and seek -penguins not added yet. - Ardougne zoo
Any slayer master - slayer point shop - regular shop - skilling teleport
Vanessa - Seed store - Catherby Farm Patch

Cap'n izzy no-beard - agility shop - Gnome agility or Barbarian agility.
Pikkupstix - Summoning shop - skilling teleport
Bob - skilling store, does not sell crafting items - Neitiznot
Jatix - Herblore ingredient store - Neitiznot and Draynor.
Pest control - void knight exchange - minigame teleports
Shopkeeper kofi - Requires Donor status - Donor Zone.

Vote store/Loyalty store - Edge bank

Tips And Hints!

Soulsplit 5.png

Barrows, You Have to do Barrows on a iron man best way to gains alot of runes and useful amour. For example im using karils crossbow and bolt racks for tokhaar-kil [kiln cape] and runes to train my mage. Barrows mini game is pretty basic and easy i would recommend doing at around combat 80.

Soulsplit 61.png

Abyssal Demons, Best Ways to train combat and pray at same time level 85 slayer is required. Bonecrusher is a Must for iron man helps alot burying all bones for you. Abyssal demons are by the best slayer task for iron man and perfect slayer task recommend trying to get these for a task instead.

Soulsplit 63.png
Smithing, You Can Currently buy iron bars and other useful items used for skilling @summoning teleport pikkupstix Shop Very handy.

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