Hunter is a skill that enables a player to catch animals within SoulPlay. By using certain equipment, you can catch butterflies and implings.

Hunter is commonly recognized as a way to make money, due to Carnivorous (Red) chinchompas always being desired for training the Range skill. However, Carnivorous chinchompas are not coded in yet.


Image Creature Level (with butterfly net)
Ruby Harvest
Ruby harvest 15
Sapphire Glacialis
Sapphire glacialis 25
Black Warlock
Black Warlock 45


Image Creature Level
Baby Imping
Baby impling 1
Gourmet impling
Gourmet impling 28
Earth impling
Earth impling 36
Essence impling
Essence impling 42
Eclectic impling
Eclectic impling 50
Nature impling
Nature impling 58
Magpie impling
Magpie impling 65
Ninja impling
Ninja impling 74
Dragon impling
Dragon impling 75
Kingly impling 91
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