Funpk is a great addition to SoulPlay that a lot of other rsps do not have. 

Here you will find players fighting each other for "fun." This can be used to advance your skills in player versus player "pkin" with no worries about losing your item.

*In order to join a funpk event, simply tele there with a few friends or maybe a clan, you will then have to type ::funpk in the chat bar.

*The server also Hosts a Event every 12 hours, the winner of this event can win any random item ranging form food to Nex drops such as Torva, Pernix, Virtuis and Spirit shields etc.

If you win you will receive a random item from FOOD up to TORVA, now it is very rare to receive such items as Tovra and Spirit shields.

Currently there are two ways to acess this minigame, either type "::funpk" in your chat bar or tele there through your spellbook.

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