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Fletching is a skill that allows you to make equipment for the Ranged skill, namely bows, arrows, crossbows and more. Fletching is one of the more simple skills that is easier to gain experience in than other skills and can be done easily at any level. It can be used well with the Woodcutting skill, especially at lower levels.


To make bows you need:

  • A knife
  • The appropriate logs
  • Bowstring
  • If you are wanting to just make unstrung bows you only need the first two and not the bowstring

How To Make Bows

First you use your knife on your logs, this makes unstrung bows. Then if you want complete bows use your bowstrings on the unstrung bows.


Shortbows require a lower Fletching level than Longbows have to fletch. As a weapon, they are also faster than Longbows. Shortbows give less EXP than fletching Longbows do. It is important to note that making any bow does require bowstring.

Image Item name Level required
Shortbow.gif Shortbow 5
Oak shortbow.gif Oak shortbow 20
Willow shortbow.gif Willow shortbow 35
Maple shortbow.gif Maple shortbow 50
Yew shortbow.gif Yew shortbow 65
Magic shortbow.gif Magic shortbow 80


Longbows require a higher Fletching level to fletch than Shortbows. However, fletching them will grant a higher amount of experience. As weapons, Longbows will provide more damage than Shortbows, though at a slower fire rate.

Image Item name Level required
Longbow.gif Longbow 10
Oak longbow.gif Oak longbow 25
Willow longbow.gif Willow longbow 40
Maple longbow.gif Maple longbow 55
Yew longbow.gif Yew longbow 70
Magic longbow.gif Magic longbow 85


First you make your dart tips using the Smithing skill, or buy them, then you simply use your feathers on them. Dragon dart tips cannot be made, to obtain them you need to loot Dragon Implings or slay Dark Beasts.

Image Item name Level required
Bronze dart.gif
Bronze dart 1
Iron dart.gif
Iron dart 22
Steel dart.gif
Steel dart 37
Mithril dart.gif
Mithril dart 52
Adamant dart.gif
Adamant dart 67
Rune dart.gif
Rune dart 81
Dragon dart.gif
Dragon dart 95

Fletching Gemstones / Bolts

Cutting Bolt tips from Gemstones

Players can also use a Chisel to fletch various gemstone bolt tips. Combining these Bolt tips with Bolts will grant additional Fletching experience. A player must use a Chisel on a cut gemstone to make Bolt tips. Cutting Bolt tips is a good way to level both Crafting and Fletching at the same time.

Image Item Name Level required
Sapphire bolt tips.gif
Sapphire bolt tips 56
Emerald bolt tips.gif
Emerald bolt tips 58
Ruby bolt tips.gif
Ruby bolt tips 63
Diamond bolt tips.gif
Diamond bolt tips 65
Dragonstone bolt tips.gif
Dragonstone bolt tips 71
Onyx bolt tips.gif
Onyx bolt tips 73

Attaching Bolt Tips to Bolts

First get your unfinished bolts, then use your feathers on them, simple. If you want tipped bolts then get the appropriate gem and use a chisel on them. Then use the bolt tips on the bolts. It is advised you don't cut cut onyxes as you can get the bolt tips from Tzhaar caves for alot cheaper than an uncut onyx.

Note: Sapphire Bolt tips and Emerald Bolt tips are attached to Mithril Bolts. Ruby and Diamond Bolt tips are attached to Adamant Bolts. Dragon Bolt tips are attached to Runite Bolts.

Image Item Name Level required
Sapphire tipped bolts.gif Sapphire bolts 56
Emerald tipped bolts.gif Emerald bolts 58
Ruby tipped bolts.gif Ruby bolts 63
Diamond tipped bolts.gif Diamond bolts 65
Dragonstone tipped bolts.gif Dragonstone bolts 71
Onyx tipped bolts.gif Onyx bolts 73