Duel Arena

The Duel Arena

Here you can duel other players. You can stake items/cash with other players at the Duel Arena, this is very risky as you can either gain or lose your riches.


While dueling players be sure to make sure that everything is the way it needs to be in the duel options before you accept the stake. Some players might alter a setting for there own advantage (ex.turning on the shield), therefore that player will have the advantage over you. So please be careful and remember this is at your own risk.

Please video all stakes, so if something happens that was not supposed to (bug abusing for example), you can make a report on the forums.

How do I get to the Duel Arena?

Currently there are 2 ways to acess the Duel Arena:

1) Type "::duel" in your chat box.

2) Or simply tele there through you spellbook under "Minigames" > "Duel Arena."

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