Crafting is a skill which gives players the ability to produce items such as jewellery and armour for use or trade. It is a profitable skill and is often used to obtain quick money; however many of the tasks require tedious work to obtain a good profit. Crafting can be one of the more profitable skills that SoulSplit has to offer. Crafting is also used in the making of dragonhide armour used in the Ranging skill.


When mining you will often gather a gemstone as well as the ore you're attempting to mine. These uncut gemstones are also dropped by some monsters. In their uncut form, they cannot be made into jewelry, so you must cut them first using a chisel.

Name Uncut Cut Crafting Level Requirement EXP / Iron Man EXP / Normal
Uncut sapphire
Cut sapphire
1 150
Uncut emerald
Cut emerald
27 202.5
Uncut ruby
Cut ruby
34 255
Uncut diamond
Cut diamond
43 322.5
Uncut dragonstone
Cut dragonstone
55 412.5
Uncut onyx
Cut onyx
67 502.5


Dragonhides can be obtained by slaying dragons, players, and voting. Dragonhides are commonly used to make d'hide armor for the Ranging skill. This armor provides great mage defense bonus and is commonly used by pkers. The most common place to obtain dragonhides is Taverly Dungeon.

Pic Name Level Required
Green dragonhide vambraces
Green Dragonhide Vambraces 57
Green dragonhide chaps
Green Dragonhide Chaps 60
Green dragonhide body
Green Dragonhide Body 63
Blue dragonhide vambraces
Blue Dragonhide Vambraces 66
Blue dragonhide chaps
Blue Dragonhide Chaps 68
Blue dragonhide body
Blue Dragonhide Body 71
Red dragonhide vambraces
Red Dragonhide Vambraces 73
Red dragonhide chaps
Red Dragonhide Chaps 75
Red dragonhide body
Red Dragonhide Body 77
Black dragonhide vambraces
Black Dragonhide Vambraces 79
Black dragonhide chaps
Black Dragonhide Chaps 82
Black dragonhide body
Black Dragonhide Body 84

Cape of Accomplishment

Congratulations, you've now reached level 99 in Crafting! Go equip your skillcape!

Crafting cape
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