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Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast

The Corporeal Beast is the physical incarnation of the Spirit beast, and is a Tough boss to kill. Corporeal beast can be accesed bt teleing throgh your sprll book: "Boss teleport" > "Corporeal beast."

Corp, Currently Has 2 attack styles, Magic and Melee so how does one solo corp?

Recommend Requirements 95 Pray, 99 Str, 99 Attack, 99 Defence, 94 Magic.

Currently SoulPlay lunar spell book doesn't require any quests, it can be activated west of edge bank.

This is a Recommend inventory for slaing the corp beast.

Invent wiki.png

Recommend gear would be maxed melee or max ranged, Weapons can go anywhere from chaotic crossbow, rune crossbow, Vesta long sword, dragon dagger, god swords, Vesta spear, chaotic rapier, chaotic maul and even a Zamorak spear.

Strategy: For fighting the corporeal beast your best bet is to protect from mage and ready your vengeance when it uses melee, recommend to have health over 70 at all times. The Corporeal beast has 3 stages they all the same at the moment.



     Current Drop Table

Please Note not All Items Price will Remain the Same as they May Change Over Time.

These Prices Are not 100% Correct they will change over time.

Spectral sigil.png
Spectral sigil 1 Very rare 140m
Arcane sigil.png
Arcane sigil 1 Very rare 250m
Elysian sigil.png
Elysian sigil 1 Very rare 350m
Divine sigil.png
Divine sigil 1 Very rare 450m
Gold charm.png
Blue charm.png
Green charm.png
Crimson charm.png
Uncommon Uncomon Uncommon Uncommon
Onyx bolts (e) 5.png
Onyx bolts (e) 175 Uncommon 200k each
Spirit shield.png
Spirit shield 1 Uncommon 10m
Holy elixir.png
Holy elixir 1 Rare 20m
Clue scroll (hard).png
Clue scroll hard 1 Rare