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Cooking is the skill in SoulPlay that allows a player to cook raw foods for many uses. Uses include restoration of HP, boosts in certain skills, as well as gaining more EXP for higher level foods to cook. Generally, higher tier foods will restore a higher amount of HP. There are many types of food to cook in SoulPlay;

[1] Using the fire already burning at the Fishing Guild and Donator Zone, which currently cooks 100% of your fish at level 99.

[2] Using a range limits player to where they can cook, but will benefit them in terms of EXP and not burning as much food.

*One of many cooking ranges. This range is located in Catherby.


The most commonly used food to train Cooking is fish. Fish can be obtained in multiple ways, but the majority of them are brought into the game by Fishing. Fish can be cooked on either a fire or a range.

The following is a table that shows what fish can be cooked, and what Cooking level is required to stop burning them.


Image  Name  Cooking level  Stops burning at level
Raw shrimps.png
Shrimps 1 34
Raw sardine.png
Sardine 1 38
Raw anchovies.png
Anchovies 1 34
Raw herring.png
Herring 5 41
Raw mackerel.png
Mackerel 10 45
Raw trout.png
Trout 15 50
Raw cod.png
Cod 17 52
Raw pike.png
Pike 20 59
Raw salmon.png
Salmon 25 58
Raw tuna.png
Tuna 30 65
Raw lobster.png
Lobster 40 74
Raw bass.png
Bass 43 80
Raw swordfish.png
Swordfish 45 86
Raw monkfish.png
Monkfish 62 99
Raw shark.png
Shark 80 99
Raw manta ray.png
Manta ray 91 99
Rocktail 93 99