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Armour is used to protect you so that way you don't take as much damage from NPC's or players in PvP. There are many types of armour and different level's required to wear it.


Below is a picture of Horvick's armour shop in Edgeville. This is a good place for beginners to buy armour, and also very affordable PvP armour.

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After Granite armour at 50 defense, no higher level armour is carried by any shop. You must obtain or buy Dragon armour which requires 60 defense, Bandos armour is 65 defense, and Barrows armour at 70 defense.

Dragon Armour

Dragon armour is not used by a ton of players, but it has better stats if you compare it to granite or rune.

  • Dragon Full Helm - This item is more of a cosmetic item than a combat item, but it is dropped by Revenant Dragons and Mithril Dragons.
  • Dragon Chainbody - is dropped by the Kalphite Queen, Dust Devils, and these Revenants: Cyclopes, Hellhounds, Demons, and Orks.
  • Dragon Platebody - is dropped by the Kalphite Queen and Revenant Dragons
  • Dragon Platelegs - are dropped by Bronze, Iron and Steel dragons, and also these Revenants: Cyclopes, Hellhounds, Demons, Orks and Dragons.
  • Dragon Boots - are dropped by the King Black Dragon, Nechryaels, the Saradomin, Armadyl and Bandos boss.

Bandos Armour

Bandos armour is very popular among wealthy players. It is a bit expensive to buy, starting out ranging from 450m-500m for a set. You can either buy this, or kill General Graardor and his minions in the Godwars dungeon, but it is a pretty rare drop so it could take some time to get it.

Barrows Armour

Barrows armour can be bought from other players or obtained from the Barrows minigame. This is much cheaper than Bandos armour, and it has better defensive stats. It can be used for slayer or just PvM in general.