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Abyssal Demons are Level 124 NPC's that are very popular for new players that have a high enough combat level because of their drops, as well as decent combat XP. You can access Abyssal Demons VIA Training Teleport > Slayer Tower. Floor 3. 

Note: Always use a Ring of Wealth to increase your chances of better drops.


Abyssal Whip - 0.78% Chance. (5-8m each)

Uncut Dragonstone - 0.78% Chance. (Which can be made into Ring of Wealth)

Coins - 50% Chance. (Up to 100,000 coins per drop)

Infernal Ashes - 100% Chance. (Useless)

Blue Charm - 1.01% Chance.

Green Charm - 4.16% Chance.

Gold Charm - 8.33% Chance.

Crimson Charm - 33.33% Chance.

Along with lots of other random drops like Dragon Medium Helm, Rune parts, Pure Essense,